Weight Loss Made Easy

_jnp1295In Ayurveda there is an emphasis on determining the cause of your health need, and then offering treatments individually that include diet, daily routine and herbal formulas.
This is a safe, holistic way to lose weight that is better for your body than popular fad diets and quick cleanses.
There are three main doshas: Kapha, Pitta & Vata. Once you know your dosha you can then decide how to combat your weight problems.
Vata types are normally thin and wiry, but can still struggle with weight gain.  Sometimes they can be thin their whole life, but suddenly gain weight because their metabolism has changed. They can be susceptible to stress and forget to eat regularly, which disrupts digestion.
Things you can do to counteract weight gain as a Vata is by reducing mental stress, nourishing the body with light, easily digestible food, eating at regular hours and practicing yoga and meditation.
Do NOT use stimulants or eat raw/cold foods and drinks.


Pitta types usually have a strong and efficient digestion system which allows you to eat just about anything.  When this gets off balance even slightly, you can gain weight. It’s very important to understand what’s happening when you skip meals.  You need a steady supply of nourishment to stay in balance.
DO Drink lots of pure, room-temperature water throughout the day.
Do NOT eat sour, spicy or salty foods.
Delay eating when stressed, angry or frustrated.


Kapha’s are comprised of earth and water elements and generally have a slower metabolism. Being skinny as a Kapha is not a healthy goal, as you are usually 5 to 10 pounds overweight no matter how little you eat. In order to actually lose weight you should balance your metabolism, increasing your ability to digest sugars and carbs.  Doing so will make you feel better, look healthier and allow you to lose that excess weight.
DO eat spicy, warm foods, drink honey and hot water.
Do NOT eat frozen or cold foods or iced drinks, fatty, salty, deep friend foods or alcohol.

Herbal Remedy

1 Part each: Triphala Powder, Turmeric Powder & Trikatu Powder
2 parts Raw Honey.

Take half a teaspoon of this paste with a
half cup warm water everyday before lunch.